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Vadim Petrovsky


Vadim Petrosvky, PhD, born in 1950 in Moscow; graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (1972). MA in Psychology (1977), PhD in Psychology (1993), Professor of Psychology (1997), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science (since 1996), Head of the Person Development Laboratory of the Pre-School Education of the Russian Academy of Education, Assistant Professor of the Personal Psychology Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Assistant Professor of Moscow Higher School of Economics, Rector of the Institute of the systemic consultations counseling (ISCon, www.isconpsy.ru).

Principal areas of research are psychology of personality, social psychology, psychology of development, mathematical modeling of the reflexive processes, psychological counseling.

Vadim Petrovsky is an expert in the E.Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA). He is the author of mathematical models describing [explaining] the decision-making process (Russian Federation State Grant [Award?], 2004). V. Petrovsky is also the author of many theoretical findings and experimental solutions for personal psychological counseling.

Vadim Petrovsky is the founder of Multisubject Personality Theory (1992; 1993; 1996). His theory is based on three concepts:

Vadim Petrovsky has described and critically reviewed the so called congruity postulation (teleological approach in psychology) as well as formulated the inelasticity principle. He suggested an idea of the person believing in his/her being in others (an ideal representation and continuity) as one of the criterion of self-existence. Another idea of Professor Petrovsky is a nonremovability of contradiction in systems «I am in myself and for myself” and “I am in the Other and for the Other” as it represents the source of dynamic (both development and destruction) of a human personality.

Within his Multisubject Personality Theory Professor Petrovsky has developed the following concepts:

Professor Petrovsky has developed a transaction model for the interpretation of the source [cause] of unadaptive [inelastic] activity, the concept of self-introduction into new social community. Together with his father, Professor of Psychology Arthur Petrovsky (1924-2006), Vadim Petrovsky described the idea of want and need of self-personification. This idea [concept] explains the personality development phase sequence in ontogenesis. Phenomenology of self-transcendentality is based on methods suggested by V. Petrovsky of “virtual”, “reflected [reflective]” and “returned [regained]” subjectness, as well as on results of numerous experiments that have been carried out since 1985.

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